• What is copyright?
    Copyright is the exclusive right given for a specific period to the owner of the copyright for a work to prevent others from making unauthorized copies of the work.

    The owner of the copyright for a work is generally the author of the work, although there are exceptions, for example if an author created the work in the course of employment.

    Copyright is governed in South Africa by the Copyright Act, 1978 (“the Act”).
  • Which works are protected by the Act
  • Copyright infringement
  • Exceptions to copyright infringement
  • Study material: Course packs, study notes, etc.
  • Cost Implications
"I think intellectual property is more like land, and copyright violation is more like trespass. Even though you don't take anything away from the landowner when you trespass, most people understand and respect the laws that make it illegal. The real crime in copyright violation is not the making of the copies, it's the expropriation of the creator's right to control the creation" Brad Templeton
For more inxformation on copyright laws in South Africa, please visit DALRO

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