Ebscohost Passport

What is EBSCOhost Passport?

EBSCOhost Passport, now available as a Chrome Extension and a Microsoft Edge Add-on, makes research simpler and more efficient for end users by dynamically inserting links to full text in virtually any web page where DOIs are present. EBSCOhost Passport does this by scanning the page for DOIs, then checking if the user has access to the article either in an EBSCOhost full text database, through a subscribed journal at the publisher site or available as Open Access. It even knows about the authentication preferences of the user’s institution and adjusts the links accordingly.


Contact LIS IT Systems unit for support. For further information, please visit Ebscohost PassPort web page at https://connect.ebsco.com/s/article/EBSCOhost-Passport-Browser-Extension?language=en_US


How do I install the extension?

EBSCOhost Passport is currently available on both Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Use the links below to download and install and then select your institution:


How do I use the extension?

Once you have installed the extension and chosen your institution, simply browse the web and look for the “E icons” in-context on the page or on the right-hand side:

  • access from your institution indicator icon Indicates access from your institution in an EBSCO Database (will direct you to access on EBSCOhost)

  • access publisher subscribed content icon Indicates access from your institutions publisher subscribed content (will direct you to access on the Publisher’s website)

  • open access content indicator icon Indicates the article is Open Access (will direct you to the preferred Open Access version via Unpaywall)

When you click on an icon, you will be brought to the best full text access URL available from your institution (you may be asked to login).


How to pin the extension in Chrome

Chrome: You can pin the extension to your toolbar in Chrome by clicking the puzzle piece icon and then clicking the pin next to EBSCOhost Passport.

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